Kingdom Dominators International Alliance of Ministers and Churches




There will be many other benefits as members begin to grow in the network both in faithfulness and integrity. We encourage all the members to show forth the real Christian character not because of we get but as servants of showing forth the fruits of righteousness in the Kingdom.


Members that have business fellows in their church or ministry, interested in international business or business exposures will be given such opportunities through CBNI , (Christian Business-Fellows Network International). There will be constant seminars, symposiums, round tables, conferences to educate business men and woman to grow to higher heights and help their servants of God in ministry.


One ceases to be a member:


Funding will be largely through contribution and donations from members. We will also seek to locate financial partners who will commit minimum of 50.000 to 200.000 annually to the network. It is not by force but by choice. These will be regarded as charter members. There shall be special ceremony to induct people into charter membership.


The NETWORK will be aggressively advertised in all the nations where we have presence. The launching will be made in major event with full representative from the political or government officials, religious leaders, traditional rulers and business tycoons.

Our monthly meetings and conference will be vigorously advertised in both the print and electronic media. Courtesy visits to government leaders will be pursued whenever the opportunity presents itself.


When a member is accused of a fault of such nature that affects the testimony of the network, that member shall be called before the executive in charge of discipline. If he is found guilty of the offense, he shall be subjected to the appropriate disciplinary action recommended by the executive committee. Such disciplinary action could range from warning, suspension, excommunication and outright dismissal from the network in collaboration with superior hierarchy.


The foregoing are some of the thought presently that we have concerning KDIAMAC which to our opinion if adopted and fleshed up by contributions from all of us, we are well on our way to birthing a movement that will greatly enhance our individual ministers and provoke much glory to our God and Father in heaven. Let us join hands to make KDIAMAC large enough to accommodate all and small enough for every member to feel a sense of belonging.