Kingdom Dominators International Alliance of Ministers and Churches


John Maxwell's first law of leadership states that everything rises and falls on leadership. As the leader goes so goes the organization. If we get it right at the level of leadership in terms of proper philosophy, structure and values, and then we are almost certain to get it right elsewhere. On leadership, our thinking goes as follows:


The leadership of any organization determines essentially the course and impact of such organization. Our core leadership philosophy is that two are always better than one; it is better to empower every person to do his work than to do the work of every person. Kingdom Dominators Int'l Alliance of Ministers and Churches (KDIAMAC) will understand leadership as TEAMWORK. An effective team will achieve more than the sum of the achievement of its individual members, like our Motto: TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE" and really "TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE THE BEST IN US".

This is the law of energy. The Bible affirms this principle: "five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight; your enemies shall fall by the sword before you" (Leviticus 26:8)

Each member of the core group has a special contribution to make in the leadership of KDIAMAC. WE WILL ENCOURAGE AND POSITIVELY HELP EACH PERSON TO DEVELOP IN HIS OR HER AREA OF GREATEST ADVANTAGE.

Experience has proved that this is the most effective way to lead human beings. It is a truism that one is too small a number to achieve greatness. Myles Munroe says "No man is an island of wisdom". No single man can have all the answers most of the time. Therefore each one of us is strongly urged to come on board with the gifts, talents and skills God has bestowed on him to help build KDIAMAC so that everyone will profit from this blessings and God will be glorified.


  1. The global leader of KDIAMAC will be known and referred to as President.
  2. The global missioner (global field worker) will be designated International Coordinator. Where such office exists in the nation it will be called National Coordinator.
  3. The Continental leaders will be known and referred to as Continental Coordinator, for example African Coordinator.
  4. The continental regional directors will be designated directors of the respective regions. Example regional director Central Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa etc.
  5. The national leader of KDIAMAC will be known as National Coordinator with reference to the Nation or Country. Example National Coordinator, Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo Brazzaville, Republic of Benin, Republic of Togo, etc.
  6. The leaders of the national office will have assistants as Assistant National Coordinator example Assistant National Coordinator, Cameroon, Nigeria etc.
  7. Leaders of department with a global, continental, regional or national level will be known as directors. Example, Director Prayer, Missions and Outreach etc.
  8. Leaders at the state or chapter levels are to be designated coordinators with reference to office . Example: State Coordinator, Enugu State Coordinator, South West Coordinator in places like Cameroon then for chapters Douala, Yaoundé, Etc.


  1. Global Executive Council - This group which constitutes the core leadership of KDIAMAC will have executive powers to take day to day decisions on the operations of the NETWORK globally. As much as possible and practicable, this will reflect the global spread of the network.
  2. International Board Of Trustees - This will be composed of Christian Leaders of outstanding influence and integrity from different countries of the world where KDIAMAC is established. They will serve as fathers of the network. These will serve as AMBASSADORS at large for THE NETWORK.
  3. International Advisory Council - The body will constitute a pool of experts in different fields of Christian endeavor including church leadership, mission leaders, prayer leaders, leaders of parachurch organizations, the academia and business fellows. They will serve as counsellors and consultants to the NETWORK at its various levels of operations.


Africa will serve as our template. Africa will be divided into five administrative regions namely:

  1. West African Region with Nigeria as its hub
  2. Central African Region with Cameroon as its hub
  3. East African Region with Kenya / Uganda as its hub
  4. Southern African Region with South Africa as its hub
  5. North Africa with Egypt as its hub

Each of the regions will be headed by a regional coordinator who will be responsible to the President for the effective execution of the network programs and policies in the region.


The national leadership in each nation will be composed of the following:

  1. National Coordinator
  2. Secretary / Director for Administration and Finance
  3. Director for Missions and Outreach
  4. Director for Ministry Development and Training
  5. Director for Women Affairs
  6. Regional Directors

Each nation will be divided into regions also so the administration of the network will be easy. Example Nigeria will be divided into six regional zones and the political zones are known.

  1. South-South
  2. South-East
  3. South-West
  4. North-Central
  5. North-East
  6. North-West
  7. Some distinguished ministers appointed by merit
  8. State Coordinator for each of the States
  9. Chapter Coordinators
  10. National Advisory Council
  11. National Board Of Trustees

Note: Officers described in numbers 1-7 will constitute National Core Group. The President and International Coordinator are automatic members of the core group of any country where they happen to be at any time. They are transnational officers of the NETWORK.

Core Values

Core values set the normative frame of reference for an organization. Kevin Cashman describes values as "the guideposts to purpose". They deal with what is really important to a person or an organization. These are the non-negotiable ideals, which the network cannot compromise without losing its identity or forfeiting its mandate. They make a difference between what is really important and what is not.

Our Core Values will consist of the following:

Networking to achieve more!
Networking to a achieve the best in us!
Networking to win Africa for the King of kings!
Africa must be saved. Afric-Missions must rise to conquer.
Determination Conquers impossibility!
All things are possible to him that believe!