Kingdom Dominators International Alliance of Ministers and Churches


The NETWORK will seek and obtain incorporation in all the countries where we have effective presence. In countries like USA which operate in true federation, the NETWORK will be incorporated in some strategic states to be determined after consultations with experts.


KDIAMAC will work to make a GLOBAL IMPACT by being functionally relevant at its local expression. To this end we are strongly persuaded that Africa should be our principal focus. Kingdom Dominators should provide the platform on which Africa will engage and SPEAK with the entire world. It should transform itself into a foremost AMBASSADOR for the African church. The members of KDIAMAC will seek to change the battered image of Africa in other part of the world.



Now is the season for Africa!
Let's network to achieve the best in us!
Afric-Missions and you will change the world!
Long Live Africa! Long live Kingdom Dominators