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Joseph and Josephine James Prof. Joseph Israel James has been a missionary, conference speaker, lecturer and crusader in Douala, Republic of Cameroon, Central Africa for more than two decades, from where he travels extensively to many parts of the world preaching and teaching the gospel of the kingdom.

He studied in Trinity College of Ministerial Arts, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria - an official educational unit of International Bible College & Seminary of DeSoto, Missouri, USA and obtained his Diploma in Theology.

Prof. James is the founder and Bishop of Dominion Faith International Missions which has branches within Cameroon and other parts of Africa. As the president of Missions And World Evangelism Bible College (MAWEBCO), he has trained many Servants of God and Lay Leaders within his ministry and other denominations and sent them out to invade the world with the Gospel of Christ.

Prof. James also studied with Cornerstone University, (State of Hawaii, USA) Nigerian Campus and had a Degree in Theology. In 1996 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Missions by Union Christian University, Indiana, (USA) Nigerian Campus in recognition of his dynamism in training indigenous missionaries for Africa.

Bishop James was commissioned into his APOSTOLIC MINISTRY in 1995 at Faith Arena by Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory. He experienced the "Fire of the Holy Ghost" entered into his bones from the great African and World Gospel Leader who affected both Africa and the world at large. Presently Bishop James is under the mentor-ship of Bishop Maxwell Korie, the Founder of Lifeline Assembly in Owerri, Nigeria. Prof. James is an Ordained member of Covenant Ministries International under Pastor David T. Demola, the founder and president of Faith Fellowship Ministries, Sayreville, USA after he studied with them for six months in America. In 2004 Joseph James studied with Kingdom Harvest School of Ministry and obtained Master of Christian Education and also 2005-2006 he earned a Doctor of Divinity from the same faculty.

He is president of Afrique Missions Aflame International Network, Global Advanced School of Missions and Ministry, Dominion Vision Bible Institute, based on raising "Dominion Army" which is also called "Vision 37" according to Ezekiel 37, a member of the Association of African Preachers Network International. Bishop James was officially elected the National President of Nigerian Missionaries Association in Cameroon, Central Africa by the supervision of the Consul General of Nigeria, where he served for the period of four years. This was another step God added to him as he serves the Lord with humility of heart.

Bishop James' insight into the scriptures has changed many lives as he teaches the pure word of God; Many are drawn to these teachings as they experience supernatural breaking of yokes, healings and deliverance. He has traveled extensively to many parts of the World, America, Europe and several parts of Africa.

Prof. James has authored many books and teaching materials that have changed many lives which includes "Triumph in the Darkest Hour," "I Refuse To Die," "The Wisdom Bank," "Rising Beyond Mediocrity", "Marriage Without Tears", "I Refuse To Die", "How To Disappoint Your Disappointments", "The Blessing Of Sacrificial Giving", "Building The House Of God", and many others.

Bishop James was recently honored with a Professorial Award on Biblical Exegesis from Morris Cerullo Christian University, Nigeria Campus and also he received A Royal Merit Award from their King and the whole village at large as a Distinguished Patriot of their Community.

God has sent this man as a blessings to his generation. No wonder God commissioned him this season with the mandate of KINGDOM DOMINATORS INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE OF MINISTERS AND CHURCHES to gather God's sons and daughters to EMPOWER THEM TO BLESS THE WORLD IN THIS END-TIME.

Josephine He is married to Rev. Dr. Josephine James, a dynamic minister of the gospel, who heads the Unique Women Forum International which runs marriage counseling, seminars, conferences, an orphanage, wisdom school for women and youths and teachings on spiritual warfare.

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