Kingdom Dominators International Alliance of Ministers and Churches



AFRIC-MISSIONS is a vision born of the Holy Spirit through Bishop Prof. Joseph Israel James since 1989 for outreach programs in Africa. God has spoken to his servant to create a ministers network which will build and connect ministers to each others and then carry the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the nations and cities of Africa through free medical outreaches, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, crusades, seminars, school of ministry, conferences so as to bring changes in the lives of people, since no man is an island of wisdom.

AFRIC-MISSIONS through KDIAMAC is going to many nations holding advanced school of ministry for church leaders and Christian workers. 2017 has been a remarkable year as Kingdom Dominators has entered into many nations doing this exploits of missions and we believes that this fire will increase to affect nations and continents.

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Afric-Missions has a slogan or rather mission statement, "Missions At All Cost." Afric-Missions says, "No Matter What It Cost You, Go Missions." The main scripture Afric-Missions is based on is "Matt 24:14, This gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." We don't only preach, we also make sure that the sick are given free medical treatment, the naked are clothed, the hungry are feed. We go also into remote areas preaching the gospel of Christ. This vision is open to all mission minded servants ofGod, professional men and women within the body of Christ all over the world.

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Since covering Africa with the word of God has become a great passion in the heart of Bishop James, God spoke to him to connect many other servants of God through "KINGDOM DOMINATORS INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE OF MINISTERS AND CHURCHES which is really moving today, as they make impact in Africa for Christ. Kingdom Dominators use Afric-Missions programs to fulfill this God-given vision that is now bringing fresh revival into Africa.

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Afric-Missions is using every godly available means within their reach to preach the gospel today and God is honoring His word as He is sending revival closer than before. Many hungry for God's word are being filled today as our teachings and programs push them to spend time in God's word and its power is released in their lives in a new way.

Together we can change Africa!
Together we achieve more!
It is Missions At All Cost!
Africa must be saved!
It is Afric-Missions!